Meet Cute

Narrative Short Film

Patrick Currie 

Shooting Country:
Vancouver, Canada


Format: ProRes, Color

Length: 15 min.

Meet Cute Poster

When Riley unexpectedly kisses Evan, a man she’s just met at a friend’s wedding, the attraction between the two of them is undeniable but decidedly complicated. With a nod to the B in LGBTQ, this is a groundbreaking romantic comedy about the complexity of relationships and the fluidity of desire.

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Producers: Michelle Morris, Michele Picard, Yogi Omar, Partrick Currie
Executive Producer: Paul Armstrong, Ines Eisses

Production Partners

CBC Films
Telefilm Canada
Out Tv
Telefilm Canada


*Gerry Brunet Memorial Award for Best BC Short, 2017 Queer Film Festival (Canada)

*Crazy8s Short Film Award, 2017 Production Grant (Canada)

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